JACK REACHER 2 Gets A Bad Guy, And He’s No Werner Herzog

But he’s probably at least two Jai Courtneys.

How do you follow up Werner Herzog as a villain? Well, if you’re Jack Reacher 2, you cup your ear and say “Huh? What was that?” over and over again while backing away slowly.

According to Variety, Jack Reacher 2 has its villain (or one of them, anyway) in the form of Patrick Heusinger. You may remember Heusinger from nothing, nothing, or Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce.

I don’t know why I’m being such a dick. I’ve never seen the guy in anything. He could be seriously awesome. In fact, the notion that they’re going with a mostly unknown fella could indicate something special we don’t know about rather than just indicate that Edward Zwick doesn’t give a shit who plays the bad guy and cast some generic squint-face.

Either way, the film will still star Tom Cruise as the greatest human man ever, and that’s all that matters. If nothing else, this character is being described as “the hunter.” It’s not as cool as a fingerless Herzog wacko, but it’ll have to do.