Play & Vote On Fantastic Arcade’s #Duplicade Jam Entries!

Batshit crazy competitive IP-smashing fun.

Fantastic Fest is underway, and that means Fantastic Arcade is just around the corner. The Arcade is a collection of new, exciting, and unusual indie games set into custom arcade cabinets (and PCs and consoles) available for play during the festival. It’s sort of Fantastic Fest’s secret weapon: a great way to keep entertained between movies and a super-fun festival in its own right.

The Fantastic Arcade also plays host to a game jam every year, which just unleashed its entries. This year’s jam, christened Duplicade, honours the main festival’s ripoff theme (courtesy of Turkish cinema doc Remake, Remix, Ripoff). All games entered had to be head-to-head competitive games, involve the secret theme of “twins,” and - most delightfully - tread dangerously upon existing intellectual property, mangled almost beyond the point of recognition. YESSSSS.

There are 63 entries at the time of publication, all of which can be run on a Windows PC and many of which run on other platforms as well. They look, by and large, absolutely bizarre.

Play any of the games at this friendly link. Some of the cleverest and weirdest titles (and I do mean titles - I have not played any yet!) include:

  • First Man Shooter 3D
  • Marie & Spike at the London 2012 Olympic Games 2
  • Super Melee Smash Waifu Battle 16 Bit
  • Ultimate Zeldo Legend
  • Medallion Of Honour
  • Kirbu Bros. And Friend Game 7
  • Rock 'em Sock 'em Quadruplets
  • Sausage, So Sausage
  • Super Handy Bros
  • Fire Dance With Me

Voting ends in a week - so buddy up, get playing and get voting!