Recap From Fantastic Fest Day Two!

Doug Loves Movies, ANOMALISA, GREEN ROOM, the first secret screening and of course...THE FANTASTIC DEBATES!!

FF founder Tim League, host Owen Egerton and world karate champion Cody Hackman

all photos by Jack Plunkett, Waytao Shing, Gary Miller and Arnold Wells

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It's Day Three here at Fantastic Fest, and everything's going about as beautifully as possible. Let's look back on the hijinks, triumphs and fisticuffs of Day Two!

We had a great, full day of movies at the festival, with jam-packed, enthusiastic screenings and insightful Q&As for Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman's ANOMALISA (paired with Don Hertzfeldt's short WORLD OF TOMORROW), Nikias Chryssos' DER BUNKER, the SHORTS WITH LEGS program, Cem Kaya and Kunt Tulgar's REMAKE, REMIX, RIP-OFF, Mickey Keating's DARLING, Jeremy Saulnier's GREEN ROOM and our first secret screening...Guillermo del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK, where we unveiled our new Crimson Peak pint glass and beer, a collaboration with brewery Firestone Walker!





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We also enjoyed a recent tradition: a live taping of Doug Benson's super popular podcast DOUG LOVES MOVIES here at the Alamo!

And this year's guest curator, Nicolas Winding Refn, attended his Mondo Gallery show of exploitation posters to sign copies of his new book THE ACT OF SEEING. The show's going on through tomorrow! 

And finally, we had our annual blood match, the Fantastic Debates, thanks to our very excellent sponsors at ASH VS. EVIL DEAD and South Austin Gym. The matches were as follows: 

RESOLVED: filmmaker Steve Kostanski battled it out with FF programmer Peter Kuplowsky and determined that 2014's GODZILLA is, in fact, a festering pile of dull CGI garbage. This was our first-ever cage match, featuring lots of kaiju collateral damage.

RESOLVED: FF mainstay Nick Robinson wailed on Nerdist's Brian Walton to declare that the name CREED cannot be used for the new Rocky film as it's already the name of the greatest band in the world.

RESOLVED: MONSTER SQUAD actor Andre Gower duked it out with producer Annick Mahnert to defend MONSTER SQUAD against GOONIES as the best kids' adventure film of the 20th century.

RESOLVED: THE MIND'S EYE director Joe Begos won a heated round against DARLING director Mickey Keating to declare David Cronenberg the superior David over Lynch. See both films at Fantastic Fest this year!

RESOLVED: We had a surprise round! Our beloved Debates host Owen Egerton was called out by his FOLLOW star Noah Segan who stormed in from the audience. Owen tore away his tux and ultimately proved that the director is the most essential part of a film. FOLLOW premieres at Fantastic Fest tonight!

And finally, RESOLVED: Fantastic Fest and Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League fought world karate champion Cody Hackman to declare that hunting feral hogs from helicopters is necessary and not at all immoral. This was a close match, especially because Hackman brought Mortimer the pig to help him make his case. 

So meet us back here tomorrow for today's recap, and if you're following us from home, make sure you check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope!