Recap From Fantastic Fest Day 3!

We shot guns, we watched a ton of great movies and we had our faces collectively destroyed by Itchy-O.

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It's Fantastic Fest Day 4, and tonight we've got the Chaos Reigns karaoke party and a blood-red supermoon JUST FOR US. So yeah - everything's going pretty damn swell at FF 2015. 

Day 3 was a complete blast, with our filmmaker shotgun adventure and amazing screenings of films like Heath Cozens' DOGLEGS, A.D.Calvo's THE MISSING GIRL, Ross Sutherland's STAND BY FOR TAPE BACK-UP, Allan Ungar's GRIDLOCKED, Owen Egerton's FOLLOW, Joe Begos' THE MIND'S EYE and Can Evrenol's BASKIN

All photos by Waytao Shing, Rick Kern, Jack Plunkett and Arnold Wells


Here's @jessebgill owning some clay pigeons at our #FantasticFest shotgun adventure today

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But the very best part of Day 3 was when Itchy-O took over The Highball, followed by an amazing session by Canadian DJ Kid Koala. If you don't know about Itchy-O, here's a good place to start. They're a 32-member occult marching band that will change your very LIFE. We first saw them at Stanley Film Festival and knew we had to bring them to Fantastic Fest, and they did NOT disappoint.

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