Wait, The JESSICA JONES Teaser Is… Funny?

Hey this tone seems ok!

The marketing for Daredevil really leaned on its gritty tone; the actual show wasn't quite as dour as the ads, but it's no coincidence that many of the Batfan types consider the series the best thing Marvel has done. Alias, the comic upon which Jessica Jones is based, is actually pretty gritty, so I was definitely expecting advertising that would play up the show's seriousness. And then I got this: 

Hey, that's pretty funny! And it really captures the idea of being a super powered person trying to live a regular person life!

That's the first teaser for November's Jessica Jones. I'm not sure if that's footage from the show or if it's a specially shot promo piece - we don't see Krysten Ritter's face at all so anything is possible - but either way, I like it. Consider my interest extra piqued.