Grab The Fantastic Arcade Humble Bundle Now!

Twelve great indie games from Arcades past and present.

If you’re at Fantastic Fest right now, you’ll notice that Fantastic Arcade, the film festival’s sister games festival, is in full swing. Lasting until Thursday, you can play brand-new indie games on our PCs or arcade cabinets; see developer commentaries and discussions; take part in in-theatre tournaments; and more. There are plenty of developers around to chat or collude with, and plenty of games to play. It’s all going down at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar and its accompanying bar, the mighty Highball. You don’t even need a Fantastic Fest badge!

But what if you’re not in Austin? Humble Bundle has you covered.

Until October 1st, Humble are hosting a bundle of six original games that were created exclusively for Fantastic Arcade:

  • Thu Tran’s competitive Satanic cooking game Hellmouth;
  • Rhythm-driven hiking game ALEA (sans its moss-based control mechanism exclusive to Fantastic Arcade);
  • Minimalist hockey game HOKY;
  • Buffalo insurance sales simulator Risky Bison;
  • Arcane Kids’ bizarre, mortality-affirming bobsled game CRAP! No One Loves Me;
  • and dialogue-driven racing game Wheels of Aurelia.

As with all Humble Bundles, you can pay what you want for these six games, and decide where your money goes to (the developers, charities Able Gamers and Worldreader, or Humble itself). But if you pay more than $8 (a pittance!), you get six more games from Fantastic Arcades past:

  • Dimension-twisting platformer FEZ;
  • Psychotic, fast-paced ‘80s action game Hotline Miami;
  • Wild warplane shooter Luftrausers;
  • Hilarious competitive parking simulator No Brakes Valet;
  • First-person sci-fi exploration game MirrorMoon EP;
  • and musical exploration puzzler FRACT OSC.

Seriously, folks. $8 for all these games is a terrific bargain. Or come along to the Arcade and play with some other great people! Everyone’s a winner.