Recap From Fantastic Fest Day 6!

The Grand Bazaar, machine gun adventure, Rolling Roadshow feast and more!

Photos by Waytao Shing, Rick Kern, Jack Plunkett and Arnold Wells

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One more day, you guys. But before we all start bemoaning the looming end of Fantastic Fest, let's take a moment to treasure the fact that we still have so much fun ahead, in addition to all of the insane excitement we've already had. Yesterday brought us the annual machine gun and Franklin barbecue adventure, which is the day we just go next-level Texas. 

We also had the Rolling Roadshow dinner feast in honor of Karyn Kusama's THE INVITATION, out from Drafthouse Films and written by Phil Hay, also in attendance. 

And finally we had the Grand Bazaar Turkish party at the Highball, celebrating our spectacular run of Turkish rep programming at the festival. Zach Cowie and Elijah Wood DJed Turkish music as Wooden Wisdom and free baklava shots were passed around to attendees.

Tonight! Karaoke Apocalypse at 11pm in The Highball. Non-badgeholders can attend, but badgeholders can exclusively sign up for songs from 10-10:45pm, at which point we'll open up to non-badgeholders. 

Tomorrow! The BONE TOMAHAWK closing night party. Read more details here, and if you're following us from home, be sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Periscope.