Old News: Daniel Craig Isn’t Finished Playing 007

In our furor to fancast the next James Bond, people seem to have forgotten the job's not open.

I like the recent chill vibe Daniel Craig's been giving in SPECTRE interviews. Back in the Casino Royale days, there was a reverent tone to his sound bites, a solemn obligation to "get it right." Nine years into his run, he's got a laid-back attitude that will rankle some, but is also kind of refreshing.

That relaxed mood is super-present in his recent interview with The Daily Mail, a candid, casual collection of quotes which also serves as a reminder of something we've known for three years: Daniel Craig is contracted to do one more Bond film after SPECTRE. It's been an odd game of whisper-down-the-lane this year, as spirited talks of who's playing 007 next, combined with rumors of SPECTRE's plot details, seem to have folks thinking Craig is walking away after this one. And while it's true that Eon can and will change course as it suits them, the fact today - as it was at the end of 2012 - is that Daniel Craig is contracted for five films. In fact, if we want to get clickbaity and overly literal in our interpretation, Daniel Craig claims: "I’ll keep going as long as I’m physically able."  

Damn, maybe we should have headlined this three year-old bit of news as "Daniel Craig To Play 007 Until He's Physically Destroyed."