Final SPECTRE Trailer Starts Showing Too Much

Lots of new moments revealed as the marketing machine goes into overkill mode.

I'm sure in the context of the film I'll be carried along with these moments, and I will experience them fresh and new, as would a wide-eyed child. But from the dialogue to the set pieces, everything new in this last (?) SPECTRE trailer feels like things that the producers maybe SHOULD have saved for the actual movie. Whose mind is this changing? Are there fence-sitters that just needed one more quip or reveal or building collapse to push them over the ticket-buying edge? We're going to the movie! You got us! Take a long weekend, guys, the job's done!

I mean, I know I'm in a double-oh bubble over here, but it feels kind of ridiculous that there's such an aggressive marketing campaign for as foregone a box-office conclusion we imagine SPECTRE will be. What do you guys think? Do late spots like this do anything for you?