The Fantastic Fest Roundup Padcast Is Here!

Phil and Evan and Devin and Jacob take you through the fest’s highs and lows.

We finally did it! Phil and I finally recorded a podcast while in the same room. Actually, we were outside, so that’s not quite accurate. Along with the sounds of bugs, birds, and cars, you can also hear BMD writer Jacob Knight as our special guest. In addition to that, Devin Faraci may pop in and out of this thing at certain points. He’s wily like that 

Phil and I try hard to stick to discussing movies non-fest goers are likely to be familiar with. That means titles like High-Rise, Bone Tomahawk, Green Room. We try hard, but I think we probably fail a bit.

This was easily the best Fantastic Fest I’ve been too, and I hope this recording gives you an idea of how much fun we have at this thing every year. Next week, we’ll be back to our sorry, boring lives doing this over Skype. I am supremely bummed out about it, but at least I have this document of how awesome it was.