MONDOCON 2015: At Long Last, Tyler Stout Does THE GOONIES

Plus: Ken Taylor does Tim Burton's BATMAN!

I spent the better part of this afternoon at MondoCon, where things are going along swimmingly. The folks at Mondo have addressed virtually every complaint leveled at last year's Con - there's a greater variety of food trucks on-site (including a smoothie truck with a shaded patio built into the truck's roof), the overcrowding issue's been dealt with by splitting the Con across two neighboring locations, there's more diversity to the prints being sold - and the results are impressive. If you're in Austin and didn't swing by there today, I highly recommend rectifying that tomorrow. Lotta good times happening down there right now.

For instance: tonight's specialty screenings! Mondo screened Richard Donner's The Goonies and Tim Burton's Batman this evening, and those who purchased tickets walked away with one of two brand-new Mondo posters. First up: Tyler Stout's The Goonies, a print Mondo fans have been clamoring for since...well, ever since Mondo was a thing, really. Here it is, at long last.

The Goonies by Tyler Stout 

24x36" Variant Edition of 300

Available Only At Tonight's Goonies Screening

Batman by Ken Taylor

24x36" Variant Edition of 300

Available Only At Tonight's Batman Screening


As of right now, I have no further information to offer on these prints (read: I have no idea when the regs will become available, how many of them there'll be, or what they're going to cost), but I think it's a safe assumption that they'll be making their way online sooner or later. Or, hey, maybe some of 'em will be sold at MondoCon tomorrow, for those that didn't get into tonight's screenings? I don't know! There's no telling; these Mondo cats play their cards close to the vest. But if you're curious, you can follow me or MondoCon on Twitter and we'll keep you updated.

And speaking of updates, I'll be rolling out MondoCon coverage all this week on Birth.Movies.Death. We'll have a report from Friday's Frizzi 2 Fulci concert (ohmygod you guys it was amazing), a report and photos from MondoCon itself, and - to cap off our coverage - a seriously illuminating interview with Mondo's VP of Operations, Justin Brookhart, and their newly-intstalled Creative Director, Jay Shaw. It's not often that I look forward to transcribing an interview, but this one's damn good. 

Anyway! Congrats to Team Mondo on a great first day (and night!) for MondoCon 2. Ya'll are off to an excellent start. 

(PS: How fucking great is it that Tyler worked the octopus into that Goonies print?)