MONDOCON 2015: Jason Edmiston Delivers A Killer HALLOWEEN Poster

You thought you didn't need another HALLOWEEN poster. You thought wrong.

Last night, MondoCon 2015 kicked off with two specialty screenings: Richard Donner's The Goonies and Tim Burton's Batman. Each screening ended with every audience member collecting a brand-new, previously-unseen Mondo poster (longtime Mondo heavy-hitters Tyler Stout and Ken Taylor handled the artwork, respectively), and there was much rejoicing among those lucky enough to be there. 

Tonight, MondoCon 2015 wrapped up the weekend with its third and final specialty screening: John Carpenter's Halloween.  And just as they did last night, Team Mondo brought out the big guns when it came time to deliver the poster. Just look at this goddamn thing:

Halloween by Jason Edmiston

24x36" Variant Edition of 300

Available Only At Tonight's Halloween Screening


Like Robocop or The Life Aquatic or Alien, Carpenter's 1978 classic is a film that's been done to death in screenprint form. If you'd asked me five hours ago if I cared about another Halloween screenprint, I would've lost interest before you'd even completed your sentence. Then I saw Jason's take on the property, and I realized that the truth of the matter is: there is always room for another great Halloween print, and this is truly one of the greats. It's a take we haven't seen before, the rendering is gorgeous, and it'd scare the everloving shit out of a small child were you to hang it in their bedroom. Mission accomplished, Jason.

We'll have more MondoCon coverage as the week goes on, folks. Tomorrow we'll be taking a look at Friday's absolutely transcendent Frizzi 2 Fulci concert. While you're waiting on me to write it up, head down to the comments section to decide who's going to buy Brian Collins one of these things (he's nowhere near MondoCon right now).