See Sad Sam Smith Sing SPECTRE Song

This thing growing on you yet?

We've had a few days to digest "Writing's On The Wall", Sam Smith's title theme for SPECTRE. One of the most demonstrable complaints I've heard about it is that you can't sing along to it. Where "Skyfall", "Thunderball" and "Nobody Does It Better" are now sing-along-in-the-car classics, this one just doesn't have the kind of hook one needs to belt it out whilst sitting in traffic. I blame the first-draft lyrics, though that melody sure is growing on me. Anyway, here's the video, with new footage from the film!

Any better? I'm not sure Sam's Boyz II Men hand signals are helping matters any. Still, I suspect the song will, like roughly half the James Bond theme songs, work just fine with the title sequence, if not on its own. At any rate, it telegraphs the introspective/dour vibe we've come to associate with the Daniel Craig Era. Which is fine, I guess, but again I have to ask: if we're going mopey, why couldn't we as a culture have made a Morrissey Bond theme happen in our lifetime? Just imagine...