The Canon Episode 45: SUNRISE

Let's get silent with this old-ass classic.

This week's episode of The Canon sees me making a big confession: I have a limited knowledge of silent film brought on by the fact that I have a very hard time watching silent movies at home. I believe that if you're checking your phone or tweeting or having a conversation you're not watching a movie, and the nature of silent movies makes me do those things when watching at home. I've seen lots of silent films in theaters, and I find that to be the optimal viewing experience for me - sitting in the dark, free of distractions, fully focusing. 

This week's episode is about FW Murnau's Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, a stone cold classic from 1927 featuring a drunk pig. Oh, and also a love story and a bunch of very inventive filmmaking. But maybe the drunk pig is just as important as all that. You can listen to the episode to get the skinny but be warned that Sunrise is not my favorite Murnau - as a genre fiend I like Nosferatu and Faust better - and that I complain about watching silent films at home! This is one of those episodes where I really feel like a man of the people. 

Sunrise is probably one of our more obscure titles - maybe Two Lane Blacktop was more obscure, as at least most people are aware that Sunrise exists, even if they have never seen it - so your vote counts more than ever. Listen to the episode and then go here to cast your vote. 

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