THE FLASH Returns Tonight!

Clips, pics, quotes and general enthusiasm to get you ready.

Tonight, The Flash Season 2 premieres on The CW, and I am SO ready to dive back into Central City with our old pals. I'll be reviewing in the morning, and I look forward to our weekly conversations, but in the meantime, here's a little business to get us all in the zone. 

Cute fun promo:

Cute fun promo:

Some slightly telling images:

A new poster:

And a couple of revealing interviews by The Flash producers. Here, co-executive producers Todd and Aaron Helbing discuss Cisco as Vibe ("he's struggling"), Caitlin as Killer Frost ("the speed force has no exact time frame"), Earth-Two ("we'll definitely see meta-humans from Earth-Two coming over and posing a threat"), Zoom ("just evil incarnate"), and the way Jay Garrick affects the dynamic of the group: 

Todd Helbing: He provides something that Barry's never really had before, as being a mentor who was also a speedster. So unlike Harrison Wells teaching him how to be better and faster and improve his powers, he's actually had them.

Aaron Helbing: We also played with the dynamic last season of Barry having three fathers. And so we really wanted to explore the older brother-younger brother relationship between the two.

And here, EP Andrew Kreisberg discusses where S2 will pick up ("We're playing with time a little bit"), Barry's mindset after Eddie's sacrifice ("there were catastrophic consequences, and Barry’s struggling with them"), seeing characters differently through Earth-Two ("that’s the fun of a parallel world is all the differences"), Barry's new suit ("it’s a little bit of a way of them saying that we don’t have to be afraid of the future"), cross-overs with the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow and lots, lots more, including the themes explored in The Flash Season 2:

For season 1, it was really about Barry becoming a hero and really figuring out what it means to be the Flash. Then, season 2 is really about now that he is the Flash, what does that mean? One of the things we didn’t really explore too much last year, and certainly we’ve never really explored on Arrow, is the Flash is becoming a public figure. There’s even, in the premiere episode, a Flash Appreciation Day, where there’s a giant rally in Central City Square to honor the Flash, to give him the key to the city. This idea of Barry dealing with the public and the public perception of him is a new thing for our show. The Arrow has always stayed in the shadows, and is more of an urban legend, but everyone has seen the Flash, and certainly everyone in Central City is living in a world now where metahumans exist. These things are not as out-of-the-ordinary, and everyone is coming to grips with that. That’s one of the big themes that Barry is dealing with, and then also Barry’s nemesis, the Reverse Flash, the man who killed his mom, is gone. He didn’t quite vanquish him, and Barry’s dealing a little bit with that — this feeling that his mission isn’t quite accomplished, and what that means.