UPDATED: We’re Giving Away Two Ultra-Rare Sets Of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Handbills

There are only 50 copies of each of these in the world.

To help celebrate the impending home video release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron (which arrived October 2nd), Birth.Movies.Death. has partnered up with the good folks at Hero Complex Gallery and Marvel/Disney for a truly badass giveaway: we've got two sets of ultra-rare Tyler Stout handbills to send your way. Only 50 copies of each handbill were made, and these will never be sold publicly. The only way you could possibly get your hands on 'em is through BMD or the HCG/Marvel/Disney team. There's "limited edition", and then there's these things (unsolicited advice: if you win, you'd be wise to hold onto 'em).

Each set includes four separate handbills, each measuring roughly 5x7". Here's what the sets look like:

Group A

Thor / Hulkbuster / Vision / Ultron

Group B

Quicksilver / Scarlet Witch / Ultron 2 / Tony Stark

Each set has been cut from one of the master copies pictured above, and those copies are comprised of images that were created for the Age Of Ultron print Hero Complex Gallery revealed at a special event last week (we discussed that here). These folks were kind enough to send me my own set of handbills over the weekend, and they look fantastic in person. Need to decide how I'm going to go about framing these suckers:

Anyway, by now you're wondering what you need to do to win. I'm going to make this very easy on you. Follow these instructions, step-by-step, and you'll be entered to win:

  1. Make sure you're following me (@LimitedPaper) on Twitter. This way, I can get your address via DM if you win. Feel free to dump me after the contest window.
  2. Tweet out a link to this article, and include the following hashtag in your tweet: #BMDAvengersAssemble
  3. Patiently wait 48 hours.
  4. At 2PM on October 8th, 2015, I will head on over to Twitter, pull up the listings for that hashtag, and select two winners at random. You must be following me, have included a link to this post, and used that specific hashtag (again, #BMDAvengersAssemble) in order to win. 

That's it! I just did a dry run on this process using those instructions, and the whole thing took about a minute. That's easy enough, right? We're excited to be able to get these sets into the hands of two Birth.Movies.Death. readers, so get cracking, and keep your eye on my Twitter feed on October 8th to find out if you've won!

Special thanks to Marvel, Disney, and the folks at Hero Complex Gallery for partnering with us on this kick-ass giveaway.

UPDATE: Surprise, folks - we're also going to give away one of the uncut handbill sheets, seen below. If you've already entered, no need to re-enter or do anything else. Super excited to be able to offer one of these alongside the handbills!