BBC’s Victorian SHERLOCK Special Gets An Extremely Fan-Friendly Trailer

That hat, that mustache. The SHERLOCK you’ve longed for is here.

Once upon a time, I thought Sherlock was great. I not only watched the first two seasons but even rewatched a few of the episodes. I was totally into Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s modern day take on the classic character.

Then season three happened, and I simply dropped off after the first episode. I’m not entirely sure why, either. It’s not like the episode was all that awful. There just didn’t seem to be any reason to keep with it.

This is a long way to say ahead of time that a Sherlock special taking place in Victorian England isn’t really my cup of tea. Having said that, I’m fairly certain many of you will get a kick out of this trailer for the event:

There you have it. Almost like professional fan art, the Sherlock everyone is familiar with is fully embracing its roots and shoving that hat and that mustache and every other old school Sherlock and Watson thing down your throat with glee. It’s a one-off special, so they might as well go nuts with it.