BONE TOMAHAWK Comes To Telluride Horror Show

The horror fest releases its full line-up!

Next week I'm going to the Telluride Horror Show, but the movies at this three day fest are going to have to work overtime to be scarier than the tiny prop plane I'm flying to get there. I'm already having anxiety dreams. 

To be honest, the movies at Telluride Horror Show are actually going to give that plane a run for its money, at least the excellent ones I've already seen. The festival has announced its third and final wave of programming, and they're bringing two massive successes from the festival circuit: The Devil's Candy, where Ethan Embry channels Satan through paintings and the bad guy plays a wicked guitar and Bone Tomahawk, the awesome Western-meets-Cannibal Holocaust movie that blew me away at Fantastic Fest. 

On top of those new additions, the festival is doing a "Secret Sunday Matinee," where they're going to show one of the year's most anticipated horror films. What is it? Beats me! Let's all find out together. You can get a weekend pass to the fest for the ridiculous low price of $94 for EVERYTHING - all screenings, all conversations, THE ICE CREAM SOCIAL, the closing night party. Also you get to hang out in Telluride, one of the most beautiful spots on earth. This is as win-win as it gets. 

Here's the whole schedule. I'm going to be hosting the Q&A with Henry Selick for The Nightmare Before Christmas and maybe I'll be getting involved with some other stuff as well. I love participating! See you in Telluride?