Eat Poop Potatoes With THE MARTIAN - All Spoilers Edition

Have you heard the one about how much money we spend to save Matt Damon?

It’s no fun being back at home after a week of Fantastic Fest, but Phil and I made the most of it and still got our shit together enough to record this podcast, though we are now many miles away from each other.

Still, any conversation about The Martian is a good conversation. This is a bit of a slighter than normal episode, but I feel we still got a lot of good observations in. And by good observations, I mean dumb bullshit no one in their right mind would say out loud.

The episode ends with a proposition for you, the viewers. Phil and I have not decided what movie to watch next week yet. We could either do Sicario or Steve Jobs. We’re leaving that choice up to you. Vote in the comments or get with us on Twitter to let us hear your opinion. We’ll tally it all up and that will be that!

As always, please do all the things you normally do with podcasts to let other people know how awesome they are. But this time do it for this podcast.