New JESSICA JONES Promo Reveals The Purple Man!

These have been absolutely great so far.

I love the promos Netflix has been putting out for Jessica Jones; each of the short vidoes brings us through a small piece of Jones' average day - waking up hungover at 3pm, beating up a bar full of crooks at 8, leaping from the street to her Alias Investigations third floor office at midnight and now, deep in the night, hearing the voice of Killgrave, the Purple Man, in her head as she puts together a case. 

Each of these videos have slowly unveiled Jessica's world and Jones herself - this is the first time we see her full face. I'm hoping the next video gives us a glimpse of Luke Cage, but whatever we see next these videos have one hundred percent brought me onboard for this series, which was maybe my least-anticipated of the Marvel/Netflix shows. See what good, smart marketing can do?