STAR WARS REBELS Season 2 Trailer Gets Galactic

The show is leaving Lothal behind.

I really, really dug season one of Star Wars Rebels, but by the end of the season I had enough of Lothal. I know that sticking mostly with one planet (and having small excursions elsewhere) allowed the show to cut costs by keeping the same environments, but I wanted something bigger and grander. It looks like I'm getting it in season two, judging by the trailer. 

You know a cartoon - a Star Wars cartoon, at that! - is good when I'm super into it. Star Wars Rebels is absolutely a blast and it's the best Star Wars thing since the original trilogy ended. The second season promises to get shit truly moving as the crew of the Phoenix have joined the other cells of the nascent Rebellion; what I like is that not everybody is on the same page when it comes to the use of military force. 

I'm slightly more skeptical of the reliance on Jedis and lightsabers in this trailer - the first season ramped up to that in a way that I thought worked, and I hope season two isn't too reliant on the Force, which is supposed to be becoming a myth for most. Still, it's interesting to see how this show is bridging the Prequel and OT eras almost seamlessly, tying the disparate elements together well. 

Rebels season two starts October 14; if you haven't seen season one get the Blu!