THE INCREDIBLES 2 Gets A Release Date

It's official. Mark your calendars for 2019.

You've been clamoring for it and now you're getting it - a sequel to The Incredibles isn't just official, it's got a release date. Disney/Pixar will be releasing the cartoon on June 21, 2019. It's really happening. 

I do have to wonder what the film will be like, coming fifteen years after the original. Will Jack-Jack be a teenager or will the family have not aged, Simpsons-style? How does the modern era of superhero movies impact this universe? What Randian ideals can Brad Bird "accidentally" incorporate into this film? 

Meanwhile the world of Pixar sequels got slightly shaken up, as Cars 3 has pushed Toy Story 4 back a whole year. After the joy of Inside Out we're back in sequel hell with these guys - I wouldn't mind so much if Inside Out didn't show that their original ideas are potentially even stronger than the properties to which they keep returning. Cars 3 will now come out 6/16/17 and Toy Story 4 is now dated for 6/15/18. I approach both with trepidation. 

What do you guys want to see in The Incredibles 2? What's the angle you think Brad Bird is going for this time? Weigh in below.