Apparently The Pirates In PAN Sing Nirvana And Ramones Songs

Maybe I have to see this after all.

Why is there no review of Pan on BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH? Because the only screening to which I was invited was at 11am on a Sunday on the other side of town when I had previous commitments. I have never, ever been invited to a screening on a Sunday morning before - Saturday mornings for kid's movies, yes - and I can only assume this odd and off-putting time was intended to oddly put off as many critics as possible. I think it worked. 

But now I may have to pay to see Pan, Joe Wright's origin story for Peter Pan that features the boy who never grows up paling around with a young Ensign Hook. And, it turns out, it features a couple of anachronistic songs, like a version of Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit sung by Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard and his pirate crew: 

Hahaha, WOW. 

And that isn't the only modern song that pops up in Neverland. The pirates also sing a version of The Ramone's Blitzkrieg Bop!

I mean, I don't hate this? It's kind of bad, but it's really interestingly bad and I absolutely, 100% adore anachronisms and I also long for the return of the jukebox musical on the big screen (besides Rock of Ages), so I find the whole thing intriguing. I want to see how these songs play out in the film and if they have the dizzying thrill of a bad idea taken all the way, as I suspect they do. 

So good news, Warner Bros: your currently flopping Pan just earned itself 12 more bucks this weekend.