BONE TOMAHAWK Gets Some Informative Character Posters

They’re better than the trailer, at least.

Bone Tomahawk is a special film that deserves an audience. Unfortunately, the film’s trailer did not do much to sell what makes it so great. I’m not sure these new character posters can make up for that, but they at least offer a step in the right direction.

Characters posters feel a bit played out lately, but Bone Tomahawk relies on these personalities enough to justify the decision to go this route. And they are so informative! You get a picture, a name, and a description for every one. “An Armed Gentleman”? Sure, seems about right. I get a kick out of “The Cowboy (Injured)” more than anything.

Look, you may just have to take our word for it on this one, but Bone Tomahawk really is a movie you should see. You’ll get the chance October 23. Don’t blow it, or the cannibals will get you!