FEAR STREET’s Getting The Silver Screen Treatment

GOOSEBUMPS' cool older sister is headed to Hollywood.

Goosebumps must be tracking well. After news that the Jack Black-led adaptation of R.L. Stine's kid fright books - out October 16th - is already getting a sequel, Friday we learned that Stine's Fear Street series is the next to land on the big screen.

Fear Street was always more my jam. A somewhat more innocuous version of Christopher Pike's teens-do-drugs-have-sex-and-die canon, Fear Street follows the spooky and deadly goings-on in the seemingly idyllic town of Shadyside. Although most of the deaths are run-of-the-mill murders, the Fear Street Saga mini-series reveals Shadyside's supernatural legacy dating back centuries.

There are over 100 titles in the Fear Street series, and Stine recently revived the universe, so there is a wealth of narratives to choose from when making an adaptation. Personally, I'm rooting for Cheerleaders: The First Evil.