Matthew Vaughn Possibly Producing Sci-Fi Disaster Film ASCENSION

Who knows? He may even direct it, too!

After Kingsman: The Secret Service (and that incredible church scene), Matthew Vaughn has become one of those directors everyone should look out for, if he wasn’t already. Not only does the guy hold out for awesome R-rated mayhem, but he does so in usually hilarious ways that often piss people off.

Right now Vaughn is getting things ready for a Kingsman sequel, but according to Deadline, he may also be working on a big-ass sci-fi movie called Ascension which was just picked up by 20th Century Fox, supposedly with hopes that Vaughn would see it and say “Oh my, I must have that movie”. As of now, Vaughn is only likely to produce and help develop the film, but you never know. He could end up directing it as well. Or he may not do any of those things. Same goes for Quentin Tarantino, Alex Trebek with a mustache, and Joe Biden.

Ascension has a plot I’ve been wanting to see since I was a little kid. The story revolves around a scientist who has to figure out how to save humanity when gravity stops working. So this is a disaster film where every goddamn thing floats. Just imagine that opening scene! Kids and dogs and cars just rising into oblivion! I want to see it right now, hopefully with Vaughn involved, though I will accept Biden as well.