Have You Bought Tickets For Camp Halloweekend Yet?

Come to our spooky fun sleepaway camp!

There are two holidays that can be a hassle when it comes to making plans: Halloween and New Year's Eve. They both have a lot of pressure and it can be a pain in the butt not knowing what you're doing in advance. Well, we can't help you with New Year's but we got your Halloween covered with Camp Halloweekend!

We've already told you about this cool event we're doing - a weekend sleepaway camp with live music, real camp activities, all-night movie marathons, food and drink included and David Wain appearing! - but I wanted to give you guys an update. We're in the final stages of locking our movies for the weekend (Meredith and I are programming!) and I can tell you that we're going to have some fun in the deep dark hours of the night. We're keeping most of the exact schedule under wraps (although you can guarantee seeing Wet Hot American Summer with David Wain in person!) but we've locked down a festival favorite that is very exciting and we have a great mix of older and newer films, with crowd-pleasers and stone cold classics all being screened. 

Of course it isn't just about the movies - during the day there's going to be all sorts of fun camp activities, we're having a Halloween dance party, cool local bands are playing and it's going to be a hoot in general. Plus, the weather in Texas means we'll be able to go swimming even on Halloween! And just so you know: this isn't a haunted camp type experience, although we will have plenty of spooky fun for you.

If you haven't bought a ticket it isn't too late. Your ticket price gets you everything that weekend, including food and booze. You don't need to bring any extra money (but you're always welcome to bring some extra booze to stash in your cabin. But be warned: if the counselors find it, you'll be forced to share it!), you just need to bring your desire to have fun, hang out and watch cool fucking movies. 

Click here to buy your Camp Halloweekend ticket and reserve your bunk! Spend Halloween with me, Meredith and a whole bunch of fun people!