Is A DINO-RIDERS Movie On The Way?

Laser dinosaurs just going at it like crazy.

Once upon a time John Sayles wrote a Jurassic Park 4 script that involved human-dinosaur hybrids fighting as mercenaries. The script is not even a hunk of trivia at this point, but a legend, more powerful for the fact that it wasn’t made than it would be if you had that movie on your Blu-ray shelf right now.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see a movie where crazy dinosaurs shoot lasers and stuff like that. And with the massive success of Jurassic World this summer, more crazy dino action is definitely on the menu.

This is a long way of introducing the idea that Mattel might be working on a Dino-Riders movie. Dino-Riders was an animated series about a war in the future between evolved humans. They go back in time and use their psychic powers to get dinosaurs to fight for them, natch. Somehow, this only lasted fourteen episodes.

But what a movie it would make! This comes from a site called The Tracking Board, and I’m not sure about the info’s veracity. It does seem like the kind of story that, if not true now, will eventually come to pass anyway. Who could refuse a premise like this? Part of the reason that Sayles script story retains power is because the story sounds so goofy and cool. Dino-Riders isn’t the exact same thing but might count as close enough.