Taron Egerton Is Officially Hot Shit

The KINGSMAN star is in high demand.

It's unsurprising but still delightful to hear that the charm monster that is Taron Egerton is being clamored after these days, with a Robin Hood reboot and, naturally, the Kingsman sequel both laying claim on the actor.

Last week his professional calendar seemed almost too full, with the shooting schedules of Robin Hood: Origins and Kingsman 2 in conflict, and with an eager Matthew Vaughn declaring that Kingsman 2 will go ahead whether Robin Hood likes it or not. Hard to blame him - Kingsman was a blast, but a Secret Service without Colin Firth's Galahad or Egerton's Eggsy is not a Secret Service I want protecting me. (Or the queen or whatever.)

Fortunately, everyone played nice and now the Robin Hood reboot has pushed its shoot to the end of summer 2016, after Kingsman 2 wraps. Everyone wins! Especially Robin Hood: Origins, since a reboot that I suspect would have garnered zero interest now has my attention, because goddammit, Taron Egerton will make the CUTEST little prince of thieves. What a scamp he'll be!