THOR: RAGNAROK Has Marvel’s Darkest Script Yet

And it could introduce a new female superhero.

You can tell from the title that shit hits the fan in Thor: Raganrok, but just how serious is the movie? It's so serious, so dark, that Marvel decided to hire a comedy director to bring a touch of lightness to the proceedings. Yes, Taika Waititi was hired to balance out the grimness of the script and bring it tonally a little closer to what Marvel fans have come to expect. 

That's what sources deep inside Disney are whispering to me, anyway. Waititi may yet be joined by another writer to help brighten the corners of Ragnarok while maintaining writer Christopher Yost's apocalyptic vibe. One way that may happen is to up the humor between Thor and Hulk, who I have been led to believe will be not only appearing in the movie but will be playing a major role. The two heroes will be taking a cosmic road trip together, Hope and Crosby style. 

Along the way they're going to meet Valkyries, as you might expect from a story about the Norse end of the world, but my source tells me that besides the Valkyries (generic) the film might launch Marvel superheroine Valkyrie into the Cinematic Universe. First introduced in the pages of The Avengers, Valkryie, aka Brunnhilde, was a longtime member of The Defenders, hung out with Doctor Strange and had Norse goddess The Enchantress as her enemy. In fact it was an Enchantress story that introduced Valkyrie in the comics - could this mean we'll see The Enchantress finally make it to the screen? I'm not entirely clear on how Valkyrie is being used - it could be in the group of Norse mythological beings who bring the gods to Valhalla after they die or it could be as the standalone superheroine. This part is a little muddled, and I'm trying to get further clarity from other sources - it's hard out there because all of my Marvel sources have clammed up after the regime change. All I know for sure is that Marvel thinks they're going to cast some great women in this movie.

Keep Valkyrie in mind as you hear rumors about women meeting with Marvel. If the superheroine is joining the MCU (and you have to think it's a good idea), the studio will be meeting with many powerful women who could also play Captain Marvel. It's going to be an interesting rumor season leading up to Thor: Ragnarok