James Cameron-Produced ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL To Be Directed By Robert Rodriguez

Surely someone likes one of the proper nouns in that sentence.

For the longest time, James Cameron wanted to adapt the early ‘90s manga Battle Angel Alita. But then Avatar set the world on fire (Right? That did happen?), and now he’s all Pandora all the time. It’s likely he won’t ever direct a non-Avatar project again. He may even dye his skin, grow dreads, and say goodbye to humanity all together.

So what will happen to his beta-pet project? According to EW, it’s going to none other than Robert Rodriguez.

This maybe isn’t the worst news ever. Rodriguez is entering a “play nice with studios” phase of his career with his big Jonny Quest adaptation, and may prove decent at movie making that isn’t 100% in his control. The script comes from Cameron, who will also produce, so it’s doubtful Rodriguez will get to go hog wild in his garage on this one.

For those who don’t know, and that includes me, Battle Angel Alita (renamed Alita: Battle Angel for the movie version) is about an amnesiac cyborg who kicks all kinds of ass, surely making it one of the most original manga premises ever.