PSA: NATHAN FOR YOU Returns To Comedy Central Tonight

Flying babies! Goth Nathan! A NASA-branded sex box!

Nathan For You, one of the best comedies of the modern age, returns to television tonight, and here at Birth.Movies.Death. we could not be happier about it. The show - a wildly uncomfortable and consistently hilarious attack on social contracts, insidious marketing campaigns, and the boundaries of parody law - is entering its third season, which means we've got eight glorious new episodes' worth of skin-crawlingly awkward moments to look forward to. 

From the looks of this season three trailer (which somehow escaped our attention when it arrived online last month), there'll be no shortage of those. In just under 90 seconds, this clip introduces a parade of terrible ideas: a soundproof box parents can stick their children in while having sex; a ranch dedicated to providing "horsey rides" to the morbidly obese; the test-flight of what can only be described as a "baby drone". It's straight-up magical:

There's nothing like Nathan For You on television, and it's likely that, once the show ends (via either the natural cancelation process or after someone agrees to something that proves fatally dangerous), there never will be again. My feeling is that not enough people are watching this series - when I bring it up in casual conversation, almost no one knows what I'm talking about - and my hope is that you'll get onboard the Nathan For You train this season (and while you're at it, buy the first two seasons from the Amazon link below; you will not regret it). I want ten seasons of this show, minimum, and we're only going to get there if enough people support Nathan Fielder's extremely particular brand of lunacy.  

The third season premiere of Nathan For You airs on Comedy Central tonight. Check local listings.