Watch This: Kubrick Invades The World Of Hitchcock

Yeah, it's sort of an abomination. But it's a really well-executed abomination.

Longtime Birth.Movies.Death. readers know how we feel about mash-up videos: they are, by and large, the worst. Far more often than not, they are clumsily-edited affairs that smash two or more totally disparate elements together in order to create something kinda-sorta clever. In most cases, they fail, and we wince and roll our eyes as they are shared - over and over again - on our Facebook walls and Twitter feeds. The problem is so widespread that, when a good one does come along, it often gets lost in the shuffle. That's what happens when you flood the market, folks.

This one we've got embedded below, though? We believe it's one of the good ones. Or, at the very least, worth a peek.

Oh, make no mistake: it is borderline heresy to be monkeying around with the work of Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick (we'll always love you, Big Poppa). There's simply no getting around that. But directors/editors Adrien Dezalay, Emmanuel Delabaere, and Simon Philippe have really put in the effort on this one - some of the digital trickery they've employed here is legitimately impressive - and the mood they create by bringing the work of Hitchcock and Kubrick together is...well, it's actually quite effective. Take a look: