LA: Come To The US Premiere Of Edgar Wright’s First Movie

No, not a new one. An old one!

Shaun of the Dead is not Edgar Wright's first film. It's certainly his earliest available film. It's the first of his films you saw. But there is another. An earlier film. A film that has never played in the United States of America. 

Yes, it's the legendary A Fistful of Fingers, a Western that Wright made in 1995, when he was 21 years old. The movie has been locked away for two decades, and I thought for sure we would never get a chance to see it. But Wright has decided to bring this curiosity out of the vault, and the film will play in Los Angeles at the Cinefamily on November 21. Yes, this will be the US premiere of an Edgar Wright movie, and you can attend!

The screening is at midnight, as part of the Cinefamily's amazing Heavy Midnites series. Tickets are now on sale, and you can buy yours by clicking here

I would tell you that A Fistful of Fingers is great or weird or an interesting peek into the creative development of Edgar Wright, but I've never seen it! I'll be sitting there on the 21st as well, experiencing a 'new' Edgar Wright movie for the first time with you!