DJANGO LIVES With Franco Nero And John Sayles

Off the chain.

Lone Star writer John Sayles has been hired to write the script for the upcoming Django Lives, the third official Django film starring Franco Nero. No director has been hired for the project, but it kind of feels like it's really moving ahead! 

Says Nero:

John Sayles is a master of literature. His Lone Star is one of the greatest modern Westerns ever shot. He knows how to be exquisitely cultivated and people-oriented at the same time, exactly like another master I’ve worked with, Mr. Orson Welles. And that says a lot.

What a name dropper that Franco Nero is.

This is one of those projects we've been hearing about for years, but with Sayles officially on board, maybe it'll really materialize this time. So who do we want directing it?