You Can’t See I SAW THE LIGHT’s Light Until 2016

Tom Hiddleston’s Hank Williams biopic gets moved.

I Saw the Light, the biopic in which Tom Hiddleston plays legendary country singer Hank Williams, was originally supposed to come out next month, amid a ton of Oscar hopefuls. Now, something very different is happening.

According to The Wrap, I Saw the Light saw its competition and saw its not-great reviews out of the Toronto International Film Fest and stopped seeing itself as worthy of award-bait status. As a result, it will come out March 25th, 2016 instead.

The move also factors in Hiddleston’s availability to promote the film with his very busy schedule. So now your big country biopic is a spring movie starring a guy who will have time to sing Hank Williams songs on morning talk shows around the world. Everyone benefits.