Drafthouse Films’s THE WORLD OF KANAKO Gets A Gloriously Over The Top Trailer

You will want to see this.

On December 4, you will have an opportunity to enter The World of Kanako. And after watching this newly released trailer for the film, I doubt you’ll be able to resist:

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima, The World of Kanako tells the story of a deadbeat, alcoholic ex-detective who thinks he might have a chance to redeem himself when his daughter goes missing. Instead, he finds that he may have spawned a real piece of evil human garbage. Whoops! It’s touching, hilarious, beautiful, and really fucking violent.

That violence comes through crystal clear in the above trailer. Kanako doesn’t move with quite the speed presented here, but it certainly doesn’t lack the craziness this teases. This is a mean-ass film, one you’re not likely to forget.