JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK Begins Shooting And Gets Official Title

New Orleans male self-esteem levels plummet.

Hey, we can talk about a movie all damn day, but it never feels like a certain thing until they start shooting it (and even then, you never know). I haven’t actually talked about Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (the new, official title) all damn day yet, but I’m certain that I could if I ever found someone who could stand it. 

Point is, until today that would have just been boring, worthless talk. But today, they actually started shooting the thing, which means all that talk is now an honorable and sacred endeavor. You’re not just wasting your time with conversations like that. They matter. People who overhear you will admire what you are.

Way down in New Orleans, Tom Cruise and director Edward Zwick are crafting the next episode in a saga that never has to end since it’s about a guy who never changes and has a new adventure every other month. The new movie is based on, you guessed it, Lee Child’s Never Go Back. If they decide to make a third movie, they will only have 2,000 other books to choose from. When they’re done, they’re going to put it all together and have it out by October 21, 2016. And then you can talk about it all damn weekend if you want.