Mondo’s Twenty(One) Best Horror Posters

A children's treasury of horrifying images from your favorite online gallery.

Since its inception, Mondo has produced hundreds of posters, posters that have touched on virtually every genre under the sun. They've taken on comedies, action classics, a wide array of sci-fi titles - hell, they've even swerved outside the film world to cover stuff like Batman, Adventure Time, and NBC's gone-too-soon Hannibal.

But for my money, Mondo does horror better than anyone else in the business. They've covered the big-time slashers (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Halloween), niche favorites (The Gate, House By The Cemetery), the Universal Monsters (a series which Martin Ansin has nailed time and time again), and everything in-between. Because we're celebrating horror this month at Birth.Movies.Death., I thought it'd be cool to shed a light on some of Mondo's all-time greatest horror prints. 

This is by no means a complete collection - this page'd be five times as long if we included everything - but what follows are probably our favorite Mondo horror prints. Check these suckers out:

The Bride Of Frankenstein by Martin Ansin

Dracula by Martin Ansin

The Mummy by Martin Ansin

The Wolfman by Martin Ansin

Evil Dead by Olly Moss

An American Werewolf In London by Olly Moss

Cabin In The Woods by Phantom City Creative

The Gate by Phantom City Creative

The Burning by Phantom City Creative

The Exorcist by Phantom City Creative

House By The Cemetery by Jeff Proctor

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by Jeff Proctor

House On Haunted Hill by Jonathan Burton

Poltergeist by Ken Taylor

Halloween by Ken Taylor

The Beyond by Ken Taylor

Psycho by Daniel Danger

Psycho by Tomer Hanuka

Jaws by Laurent Durieux

The Birds by Laurent Durieux

Alright, guys, which ones have I left out? Which of the above are your favorites? And who among you has the bankroll to buy me one of those Olly Moss Evil Dead prints (I will not rest until one of those makes my wall)? Sound off in the comments below.

ADDENDUM: I've received a tidal wave of "What, no _____ ?" messages after running this post, and for the most part, my response is: no, no ________. But as a friend just pointed out to me on Twitter, this list does contain one legitimate oversight: I didn't include Tyler Stout's The Thing, which is debatably the quintessential Mondo poster. So just this once, I'm going to make an addendum to a personal list. What can I say? Sometimes the classics completely slip your mind. Here it is, in all its glory.