Philly: The Philadelphia Film Festival Does A Full Charlie Kaufman Retrospective!

Also visiting this year: Gaspar Noe! Michael Moore! Todd Haynes!

Last year I had the chance to attend the Philadelphia Film Festival and I loved it. Fall in Philly is great, the movies were terrific and the people were just a joy to hang out with. I hope I get to go back again because I think this Fest is getting to the next level of coolness and I want to experience it again. 

When I say 'next level of coolness' what do I mean? Well, this year's Fest has an incredible line-up, but beyond the movies they're bringing some really huge talent to Philly for Q&As. Charlie Kaufman (along with his co-director Duke Johnson) is coming out with Anomalisa, and PFF has decided to take this opportunity to do something very, very cool: a complete Kaufman retrospective. Yes, they're showing all the movie he wrote and/or directed! That means they're showing: '


Human Nature

Being John Malkovich

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Synechdoche, New York

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

That is so awesome. Dammit, why am I not out there this year!

Also coming to PFF this year: Michael Moore with his new doc, Where To Invade Next. Gaspar Noe with his 3D porn movie Love. Todd Haynes with his Oscar frontrunner Carol. Jamie Kennedy with Scream. Rick Alverson with Entertainment. Zoe Bell with Camino. And many, many more. 

Philly, you have a world class film festival happening just a couple of blocks from where the Declaration of Independence was signed. This is cool beyond compare. You should be getting tickets/badges right now. Here's the site with the full program