Well, This Poop-Heavy JURASSIC WORLD Deleted Scene Is Interesting

Sexy fecal slathering awaits!

Look, we shouldn’t judge a movie by its deleted scenes. Whatever horrible nonsense ended up on the cutting room floor obviously ended up there for a reason. This should be especially true of a movie like Jurassic World, which had no problem being awful as released. Nevertheless, the rampant wrongheadedness of this deleted scene almost has the power make the film seem even worse:

Yep. That’s a scene where Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard cover themselves in dino poo to mask their scent. While such a move almost makes sense in a movie where people are being chased by a big, evil dinosaur, the way it’s done here truly boggles the mind.

Marvel at the fact that they try to simultaneously make this a “you go girl” moment AND a sexy scene for Howard. She doesn’t just slop poop on her legs, she pulls back her skirt so she can get it on her thighs, as well. Then she lavishly spreads it on her chest before bringing it all the way up to her face as though it were a gallon of Sephora mud mask. This is further complicated by an out of place goofy comedy tone, complete with an “isn’t this silly?” score. Brilliant!

Cutting this scene was the right move. On the other hand, this would have been my favorite moment in the film. At least now it’s out in the wild, where it belongs.