DEAR WHITE PEOPLE Director Is Making A Musical

Justin Simien found his follow-up.

Have you seen Dear White People yet? It's on Netflix, so your excuses are paltry; the film is a funny and smart and in the vein of early Spike Lee without being an excessive aping of his work. It's a truly vital movie, one that burns in the present tense and it's frankly an incredible debut for director Justin Simien. 

Now, a couple of years after showing that film at Sundance (where it won a special jury prize) Simien has another project lined up and it's exciting: it's a musical. There's a great sense of rhthym to both the dialogue and the editing of Dear White People, so Simien attacking a for-real musical is something to get excited about. 

What's the plot? Who knows! As always, shit is under wraps. Here's what Hollywood Reporter says: 

Full details are being kept under wraps but the project takes a musical approach to telling the story of an unnamed figure whose life articulates the triumph and tragedy of the American Dream with a story that is at the intersection of race and culture.

Is this unnamed figure a real person or a fictional one? Will the musical aspect being performance based or will characters break into song? Will the songs be originals or will this be a jukebox musical? All these details are yet to be revealed, but I'm excited to find out.