Krysten Ritter Is A BOSS In The Full Trailer For JESSICA JONES

Yeah, I'll be watching this.

I never made it very far into Netflix's Daredevil. There's a gloomy tedium that kept me at a distance - and to be honest, I suspected as much after seeing the first official trailer.

If I'm going by Jessica Jones' first official trailer, however? I will be watching the everloving shit out of this show.

There's an energy here that Daredevil never quite pulled off (at least, not in the several episodes I endured). Krysten Ritter is killer casting, because even when she's delivering grim and gritty, she's also serving panache. Jessica Jones is tired, broken, haunted - but she's still got some brio here. And what little we see of Mike Colter's Luke Cage and David Tennant's Kilgrave adds to the energy. Kilgrave's already legitimately scary, and Luke Cage will make you swoon.

Either because of the casting or because the casting is in service of a previously intended style, the entire trailer gives us the same: dark but fun. Both visually and tonally, this seems to be that rare comics property that skates a tricky balance between light and dark. It's an atmosphere that should keep both sides of the superhero fan club happy.

Jessica Jones' first season arrives on Netflix November 20.