Dan Stevens To Raise The Handsome Bar On Nacho Vigalondo’s Monster Movie, COLOSSAL

Spoilers: It was handsomeness that killed the beast.

Nacho Vigalondo is filming his giant monster movie, Colossal, right now in Vancouver. The film, which stars Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, and Tim Black Nelson, is about a girl who moves home after her life falls apart and finds that she has some kind of bizarre connection to a giant monster in Seoul. In other words, this could be the best movie ever made.

Helping that notion along, Empire reports that The Guest’s Dan Stevens has joined the film as Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend. Apparently, after dumping her at the beginning of the film, he decides he made a huge mistake and wants her back. Too bad for him, she’s now in love with a walking skyscraper, against whom even Stevens might have a hard time competing.

Not much else is known about the film. But what else do you really need? Giant monster, Nacho Vigalondo, Anne Hathaway, and now Dan Stevens. It’s already every movie’s dream.