The Canon Episode 48: CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST

The one that goes all the way! Featuring Sam Zimmerman of Shudder!

We knew that we wanted to do a Halloween episode. We knew that our friend Sam Zimmerman, late of Fangoria and Shock Til You Drop and now curating the selection at Shudder, was in town and would be the utimate guest. What we didn't know was what film he would choose to nominate: Cannibal Holocaust, a film so notorious that people were trying to vote no for it the second it was announced (which sounds like an argument for it being in the Canon - this movie is 40 years old and it still creates those reactions!). 

A seminal film by Ruggero Deodato, Cannibal Holocaust not only defines the cannibal genre (which existed for a long time before it came out, to be fair), it pretty much invented found footage, an aesthetic that - like it or not - has become dominant in the horror genre in the last few years. I think that alone makes it Canon-worthy, but Sam and I argue a lot of different angles on this one, while Amy stays staunchly anti-Holocaust

One of the joys of doing this episode was having the knowledge that we made Amy watch a film that was so convincingly gory the director was brought up on murder charges. It's the small things. Happy Halloween, everybody. 

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