They Found A Head For John Wick To Shoot In Sequel

It’s like no bad guys even SAW the first movie.

John Wick saw Keanu Reeves' criminal underworld boogeyman put bullets in a ton of people, but his main nemesis was Michael Nyqvist, an older, Swedish actor (older looking, anyway - he actually only predates Reeves by four years). Nyqvist supplied Reeve’s character - I forget his name - with a villain who seemed dangerous but also very established within his realm. You can easily imagine the pair’s shared history.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter claims to know who Wick will have to fuck up in the sequel, and it’s none other than musician-turned-actor Common. According to the site, he will play a head of security type figure for a female crime lord.

That last bit is actually the most interesting thing here. John Wick 2 is supposed to revolve around someone from John’s past out to get revenge. THR is calling Common the film’s “chief villain”, but if he works for someone else, wouldn’t that make his superior the real head honcho? Making the next big John Wick villain a powerful lady sounds like it could be something truly exciting.

At least more exciting than just Common. I like the actor in small doses but don’t know how much weight he’ll carry in a role like this. Luckily, I also feel that action elements are more important than casting when it comes to deciding whether this sequel lives up to the original.