PADDINGTON Is Coming Back For A Sequel

The lovable bear won his way into enough hearts for a part two.

As of this writing, I am one of those sorry sons of bitches who still hasn’t seen Paddington. The film didn’t appear to make much of a cultural smash here in America, but the people who did see it really think it’s great. The film’s praise has been very nearly unanimous.

Luckily, Paddington made a lot of money worldwide, so much that it is now getting a sequel. The original’s Paul King is returning to write and direct. So for all you people who really love the first one, this should be great news.

It’s probably good news for the rest of us too. Eventually, we’ll get this film under our belts and probably be happy another one is one the way (or currently available, depending on when your viewing occurs). If nothing else, when it comes to magical bear movies I haven’t seen, I’d rather they make another Paddington than another Ted.