ASH VS EVIL DEAD Better Be Good Because It’s Getting A Second Season

Spoilers for those who expect either combatant to die in season one.

We’re pretty darn close to seeing Ash vs Evil Dead ourselves (those of you who have have Starz, that is), as the show premieres October 31. Until then, all we’ve had to go on when predicting the show’s quality has been trailers and rock solid optimism.

Now we have more reason to believe the show will be worthwhile. Starz has just renewed the series for a second season. They must think it’s great and/or enough people will like it just because it’s Evil Dead stuff.

Bruce Campbell will return, as will Lucy Lawless. Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert will be involved as well, with Craig DiGregorio staying on as showrunner. Season two will run at least ten episodes, but could go longer.

The surprise here is not that Starz wants more so much, but that everyone wants to keep making the show. This always seemed like a special one-time-only new chapter in the Evil Dead saga. That does not appear to be the case.