Check Out The Full Theatrical Trailer For THE WORLD OF KANAKO

Also check out the wildly NSFW version, if you're in the mood to get fired today.

Last week, Evan ran the incredibly NSFW red-band teaser for Tetsuya Nakashima's The World Of Kanako (don't worry if you missed it; I've embedded it further down the page). We were proud to see the Drafthouse Films logo attached to that clip, and very excited to share it with all of you. There's just no telling how many lives it may have ruined!

This week, we've got your first look at the infinitely-safer-for-work green-band trailer for the film, and - while its gentler nature won't end any work relationships or destroy any families - we're still very excited to share it with you, as well! Let's take a look.

Great, right? And no one got fired!

Speaking of which: here's another look at the red-band teaser we mentioned earlier. Be forewarned that this clip should definitely be played full-screen on your work computer (at full volume) while your boss is standing directly over your shoulder. Not, I mean. Should definitely not be played full-screen on your work computer (at full volume) while your boss is standing directly over your shoulder. Then again...

We've also got a brand-new poster to debut for the film, and it's a looker. Bold, simple, leaves a strong impression. See, Hollywood? This is how you do a one-sheet

Is this your first time hearing about The World Of Kanako? Unacceptable. Redeem yourself immediately by reading the following passages from the press release aloud, either alone or to anyone who'll listen:

Drafthouse Films will release Tetsuya Nakashima's acclaimed thriller The World of Kanako in select theaters on December 4th, as well as making it available on multiple digital VOD platforms including Amazon Instant, iTunes, Vimeo, and VHX.  A home video release on Blu-ray and DVD is slated for early 2016.

An uncompromising revenge thriller of operatic scope, The World of Kanako is a non-stop visual and emotional assault to the senses as it follows troubled ex-detective Akikazu (Kôji Yakusho, 13 Assassins, Babel) on the hunt for his missing teenage daughter, Kanako. What he discovers in his search is an unsettling and harrowing web of depravity––surrounding both Kanako and himself. As Akizaku stumbles along a shocking trail of drugs, sex and violence, he finds himself woefully unprepared for the revelations that affect all he holds dear.

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima (Confessions, Japan’s submission for the Academy’s® best foreign language film in 2011), The World ofKanako is an astonishing tour de force of mystery, beauty and boundary-pushing violence. A wildly kinetic and startlingly venomous throwback to the best that Asian extreme cinema has to offer, The World of Kanako offers a trip right up to the edge of a man's private hell––and over it.

I haven't seen The World Of Kanako yet, but I'm told by those who have that it's outstanding, and - let's face it - even if people weren't telling me that, I'd be in based on the plot description and the red-band teaser alone. This absolutely looks right up my alley. If you're feeling it, as well, make a mental note: The World Of Kanako arrives on VOD platforms December 4th (just in time for Christmas!) and will get a Blu-ray/DVD release early next year.