See Video From Old Murder House Theater’s Epic JAWS: LIVE Performance

SCREAM at the sight of a Great White on land! THRILL at the sight of a stage-based Spielberg adaptation! SEE Sheriff Brody get slapped with a dildo!

A few months ago, I caught Old Murder House Theater's production of Jaws: Live here in Austin, TX, and it was...well, it was many things. It was the probably the strangest live performance I've ever caught in this town (and I've seen things happen at the Highball you people wouldn't believe). It was probably the most technically-accomplished Old Murder House Theater show I've seen (the effects employed to bring Jaws' titular behemoth to life were particularly impressive). It was also the funniest live show I've seen in a very, very long time. These guys killed it.

If you're not familiar with Old Murder House Theater, I have provided (read: cut and pasted) the following paragraph from a previous OMHT post:

Simple description does not do Old Murder House Theater justice. In basic terms, Old Murder House Theater is a troupe of extremely funny Austin performers who adapt popular genre films for the stage (or, as was the case with Aliens On Ice, for an ice skating rink). Their shows feature homemade props and elaborately-designed sets (often constructed from decidedly lo-fi materials), and a wicked sense of humor that pays homage to the films they're adapting while gently roasting them.

Perfectly said. And yet, it doesn't really convey the unhinged lunacy of the actual Old Murder House Theater experience. The video below (which was sent over by Old Murder House Theater member and Birth.Movies.Death. pal Sam Eidson), on the other hand, does a fine job conveying said lunacy. Let's take a look:

Yup. That's pretty much exactly what an Old Murder House Theater Show is like! 

I've been waiting to share that video with you guys for quite some time, so thanks to Sam for sending that over. And hey, while you're here, check out these photos Sam sent over, as well: they offer a really good look at the ingenious set design, costume work, and stage direction that goes into one of these shows (author's note: the audience I saw the show with went apeshit the first time Bruce "swam" into the theater).

Big thanks to the entire Old Murder House Theater team (including BMD's Holy Hunter herself, April Swartz!) for inviting us out to the show. This was one of the best yet, and I can't wait to see which film Old Murder House Theater will take on next. By the way, which film would you guys like to see these guys tackle? Personally, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a show based on the original Star Wars trilogy, or maybe The Shining

Learn more about Old Murder House Theater here.